What do we help with?

We are willing to accommodate individuals with a wide variety of needs, including but not limited to: probation, parole, pending court cases, and court orders.  We partner with local agencies for minor medical and dental issues (Innerfaith Ministries, St. Michaels Clinic & OurFather's Arms).

What do we not help with?

Unfortunately, we do not have medical professionals on staff and, consequently, are unable to accommodate individuals with health issues that require frequent medical appointments.  We are not a detox center; individuals may be required to seek immediate medical attention before entry into the program.  For individuals with chronic health issues, such as hepatitis C, we can offer some resources for treatment.

What we are not?

We are not a safe haven for individuals with outstanding warrants.  Due to the nature of our program, we are unable to accept individuals who have been convicted of sexual crimes.  We do not provide medical services.  We do not allow individuals enrolled in our program to use any narcotic prescription medications.

What are the fees and costs?

To enroll in our Discipleship Training School, we charge a one time intake fee of $500.  Students are in charge of providing their own clothing and personal items.  Pregnant women or women with children enrolling in, the Esther House program, will be required to pay a minimum fee of $200 a month.

How can I get in touch with someone?

We can be reached at our office during normal business hours Monday - Friday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Our office is located on 32238 McClellan Blvd. Anniston, Al 36201   To contact us via phone or email, please see our full contact info at the bottom of this page.